Permanent Hair Reduction Serum

Laser like results without the Laser and for ANY color or type of hair!


Laser uses heat produced by light that targets the melanin in the hair. The heat disrupts the follicle growth cycle and permanently reduces the volume of hair regrowth. Many clients can not use LASER due to their skin being too dark or their hair being too light. Typically people with hair significantly darker than their skin could remove hair this way without risk of burning, discoloration or scarring. And those with tanned skin or tattoos are at risk of the laser light heating the darker skin. Lasers are effective, just not for everyone.

If you’ve tried laser and didn’t get the results you expected then try our alternative. This post waxing treatment works with any skin type and any hair colour to get the results you’ve always wanted. Enhance your waxing routine with our Hair Reduction Serum and get lasting laser like results. Whether you’re an avid waxer or not you can get the benefits of smooth hairless skin with this treatment. Laser is not the only solution out there. You can get the results you’ve always wanted.

Treatable areas:

Safe to use on every area of the face including the upper lips, eye brows, chin, and cheeks. Also for arms, legs, stomach, back, underarms and bikini area.

So EASY! So Effective!

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