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Healing Harbour boasts the latest and greatest technology in corrective skincare. Whether you are seeking correction to existing problems, trying to prevent future issues or just wishing to pamper yourself while brightening your skin and appearance, Healing Harbour has just what you need. Continued education keeps our knowledge on the cutting edge of technology.

We custom design a skincare program for each client and their individual needs. The program may contain one or more of the services and products listed below. We highly recommend that you schedule a consultation which will include a full skin analysis to determine which services and/or products that will best help you to achieve your goals.


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Signature Facials

PCA Skin Peels & Treatments

LED Photopulsation Treatment


★★★★★ Hyperpigmentation & PCA Skin Peels

Detra H. 5 Healing Harbour Skin & Body

Jodi has totally turned my skin around with her PCA Skin Peel treatments! I am African-American & whenever it was time for me to get a Relaxer, my skin would break out around my hairline. Not only was it painful, but I'd get a lot of hyperpigmentation as well. I used to take prescriptions thru the dermatologist which in turn made my chest break out in a yeast infection. It was a neverending cycle & I didn't want to continue to take medication for the 3rd/4th year. Especially with the unwanted side effects.
Now my skin doesn't react as voilently to needing a Relaxer & the hyperpigmentation doesn't last for months & months at a time. With the peels & great products recommended by Jodi, the spots are getting to be less & less. When I do get them, they lightly peel away to show the new glowing skin.

★★★★★ Incredible Eyes and Skin

judith b. 5 Healing Harbour Skin & Body

I have a lot of red under my skin. In just two facial treatments, most of the red is GONE. My skin looks much smoother and younger. I am very happy with the results and can't wait for the next session.

★★★★★ If you want RESULTS, this is the place….

Rebecca W. 5 Healing Harbour Skin & Body

So you want a facial. Ok, but what do you REALLY want? You want something that is going to improve your skin and the way it looks, something that goes beyond what you are already doing at home. Every other spa I have gone to has followed the Karate Kid method of giving facials: wax on, wax off. They put something on my face, they wipe it off. They spray something on my face, they wipe it off, they do a mask, they wipe it off. If I walk out with anything on my face, maybe it's a little moisturizer. And without fail, the next day I break out and for a week my face and skin looks absolutely terrible. Of course I'm told that is normal, that the facial brought out all the toxins. So I have paid a lot of money for a huge breakout of pimples. Sound good to you? Not to me. That's why when Jodi Cabena of Healing Harbour suggested facials, it took a lot of convincing on her part. However, because she and I had established a high level of trust with her eyelash extensions (more on that later), I decided to give her facials a try. Well, there is no "wax on, wax off" at Healing Harbour! Jodi uses the highest grade products and everything that she puts on your skin STAYS THERE, to be absorbed by your skin. And breaking out? Forget it! Let's talk about results! I do not wear make up any more - EVER! No foundation, no base, NOTHING! My skin looks amazing! The "11s" in between my eyes are gone! The laugh lines at the corners of my mouth - nearly invisible! Understand - these are not fluff and puff facials. These are the real deal. If you want fluff and puff go somewhere else but if you want results this is the place. I NEVER had facials but I am hooked and will stay on a regimen with Jodi. She has even been able to provide facial waxing for me when no one else could. She worked relentlessly on a process that would allow me to get rid of the facial fuzz without having to deal with the inevitable breakouts afterwards. I even rely on her advice for my son who has skin problems.



Healing Harbour Day Spa is nestled in Marietta, Ga.,  which is a northern suburb of Atlanta, Ga. This location is convenient to Kennesaw, Acworth, Roswell, Atlanta, Smyrna, Powder Springs, Canton, and Woodstock.